2020 Matches:

CAS: Feb 1  Feb 22 March 7   May 30  Jun 27-28  Jul 25 BSSG  Aug 22  Aug 29 Flash   Sep 26-27  Oct 24 (Zombie)
Wild Bunch/Combos: May 10  June 14  Jul 26 BSSG  Sep 13  Oct 11

Oct 11 Combo (All Wild Bunch)  Results

We had a small turnout but everybody pitched in to set stages, count misses, pick brass, reset shotgun targets and get the scores recorded. Mother Nature was having a day of cool temps and wind with a few having to chase down hats.
Thank you Montana Redeye for some very interesting stories based on Butch Cassidy and Sundance. I think every shooter enjoyed the addition of the falling plate rack. Owl Eye Olga put on a shooting demonstration on how to shoot the rack and also get a clean stage. To say the guys were impressed is an understatement.
Turned out too windy and not enough interest for the BAMM (Bolt Action Military Match - side match). Maybe next time.

L: Montana Red-Eye and Galloping Swede  R: Keep in mind a Wild Bunch stage has twice the shots of a cowboy stage. Clean rounds are hard to get!
L: Owl-Eye Olga and Swede   R: Solo Browncoat and Swede
L: Nitro Nick  R: Montana Red-Eye
Sep 26-27  Results

Saturday's Posse

Sunday's Posse, if you wondered why no one was at church...
We shot some great stages written by Montana Redeye based on the movies �Young Guns� and �Young Guns II�.
We shot some very interesting shooting sequences on Saturday in the wind and dust. One stage allowed for a 5 second bonus shot if made with the rifle and a 10 second bonus shot if made with the pistol. Misses on these two targets were not counted. Based on this there were three times under 20 seconds - Missouri River Kid 14.67, Homestake Drifter 19.05 and King Malbry 19.85
Saturday side match was based on the HOOPLEHEADS using rifle and pistol on two different Hoopleheads. The shot closest to the X on the back being declared the winner - Solo Browncoat won his Hooplehead with the pistol and Dayo Reckoning won his Hooplehead with the rifle.
Sunday started out cold and not quite as windy as Saturday. More interesting shooting sequences and according to Muggins side matches part of the stages because there was a rifle option on Stage 3 and 4. On stage 3 for the rifle sequence you had the option of shooting your match rifle - 10 shots in a Lawrence Welk sweep, a single shot big bore alternating the two farthest targets with 4 shots or using a lever action big bore alternating the two farthest targets with 6 shots. On stage 4 the rifle sequence for the match rifle was in a 2-3-3-2 sweep, single shot big bore on the two farthest targets in a 1-2-1 sequence or lever action big bore on the two farthest targets in a 1-2-2-1 sequence.
Starting lines for each stage were:
BTW you�re under arrest
Hey...I saw that
Let�s dance
Top of the morning girls
Reap the whirlwind (very appropriate for the day)
It�s the real lynch mob
Rather drink turpentine & piss on a brushfire
Drop Sam Colt
Pull the trigger and find out
I�ll make you famous

Missouri River Kid and Galloping Swede

Sep 13 Combined Match Results

The Posse ^  The Action

Nine hardy soles came out to shoot the combined Wild Bunch/Cowboy Action match today. Of the nine only Gayselita shot Cowboy in her second match. She did quite well with lots of moral support.
Stages were written by Latigo with subject lines being:
I ain�t no dirt farmer.
Just how appreciative are you.....
I�m mighty sorry I offended you Ma�am.
Serves me right saving them - just to bury them.
Well, I�ll be, aren�t you Squirrel Tooth Alice from Dodge City?
No one shot a clean match but Missouri River Kid was on target until the 4th stage. He only missed one shot in the match with his 1911. Maybe next time.

August 29  Results

The Possee ^^  The Stage

We had a small posse of 6 today for the Flash Match. Started at 9, finished shooting about 11:30 and targets put away to be leaving the range at noon. Mother Nature was good in that she didn�t start having a hot flash until we were finished.
Stages shot fast with great shooting sequences. A twist was added with a smaller knock down on both the rifle and pistol sequences. You could pick up a miss on the rifle knock downs but not the pistol. Shotgun were mandatory take downs.
Lines to start the stages today were:

If you're gonna act stupid, you better be tough.
Let's throw a little lead.
Don't let them get out of rifle range!
I voted 12 times today, but only got paid for 10.
This here's hanging evidence.
My trigger finger is feeling kinda twitchy.
Before we even started shooting I, Angel, was informed the release spring on my mule ear double broke so I had to shoot a 20 gauge. I have never shot this particular gun before so had issues with the triggers as the front trigger seemed to need more pressure to go off and the shells used were not feather lights. I developed a flinch and had trouble keeping the bead on target missing number three multiple times. Shotgun was not my friend today. Latigo also had and issue with a pistol breaking the transfer bar on the 5th stage. Didn�t have to take any misses on the last stage because Homestake came to the rescue with the use of one of his pistols. Cowboy shooters assist whenever they can.

August 22  Results
Posse pics

Solo Browncoat, the Man of the Hour; Ranger Doug and Latigo compare moustaches

King Mabery sights the dug-in banditos; Solo Browncoat cranks the Gatling Gun "Old Painless"
Dayselita with Mt Redeye; Tater in the background

Saturday, August 22, dawned warm and smoky with a high of 98 degrees forecast for the day.  Fourteen shooters braved the anticipated heat and smoke to shoot 5 stages written by Solo Browncoat.  Solo took us through the adventures Captain Dutch in the "Curious Case of Captain Dutch Shafer and his Texas Rangers." 
We hunted down banditos in the middle of Texas to find "They're dug in like an Alabama tick."  Charging into the camp, the Rangers get pinned down and when informed he's bleeding, Captain Dutch replys, "I ain't got time to bleed."  Things weren't getting better fast, so Lieutenant Blain breaks out the Gatling gun and exclaims, "It's time to let old painless out of the bag." 
Having squelched the bandits and rescued the damsel [there's always a damsel somewhere, eh], the rangers head for town, but during the night someone or thing sneaks into camp and dispatches Lieutenant Blain.  Apparently the perpetrator is wounded and Dutch declares "If it bleeds, we can kill it."  Dutch and his rangers set out to track the predator and all are killed but Dutch and the damsel.  [There's always a Damsel in these stories somewhere, eh].  Dutch sends the damsel [there's always a damsel, eh] to town and then finds the cause of the distress.  It's the biggest, ugliest bandito he had ever seen.  Just before commencing fire, Dutch exclaims, "You are one ugly S.O.B."  Except he didn't say "S.O.B."  So ended the adventures of Captain Dutch.
We shot some unfamiliar sequences that resulted in more than one "procedural."  Well, maybe even more than three procedurals.   We're pretty certain that most of them were the result of the shooter havin' so much fun ringing steel they just plumb forgot what it was they was 'sposed to do.
Ranger Doug joined us for the first time and was about to retire early due to rifle failure.  Homestake offered his and Ranger Doug accepted.  Unfortunately, Ranger Doug didn't get many shots off before the rifle locked up tighter than an Alabama tick what's dug in.  Homestake blamed Ranger Doug's ammo and says "the lesson here is that if you loan your rifle, provide ammo that you know works in it."  Homestake's up for a rerun (ammo provided) if Ranger Doug is up for it.
Dayselita shot her first match ever.  She made steady progress through out the match.  Another 5 stages and she'll probably be out shooting Montana Redeye.  Hopefully she returns for many more matches.
The weather turned out to be quite tolerable due to the mostly always present breeze at the Rod and Gun Club.  It didn't hurt that we were done shooting with steel put away by 1 p.m.
The September match will span two days with stages written by Montana Redeye.  Hope to see you at the range.

July 25 Big Sky State Games Results  Awards Updated 7/29/20
I can't think of clever captions for every picture, so just enjoy.
Commissioners Homestake Drifter and Lascivious Latigo. They worked the hardest of all to get the match on!

Homestake's Posse

Latigo's Posse

Rocky Mountain Stranger demonstrates loading a cap-and-ball cylinder; Swift Lefty and his broken ankle show that where there's a will, there's a way.


This is what they're looking for: lead flowers.  Rattlesnake Lily after her clean stage!
Swift Lefty Mama as scorekeeper; Big Sky Games commissioner Big Sky Betty tries a stage with Homestake as coach.
Honey Jack contributes more pictures:
Wild Bunch, July 26

Latigo shot a clean Wild Bunch stage! And that's around 50 shots in one stage!
Overall winners: Owl Eye Olga and Curly Pete. But no, they did not win overalls.
49er: Gold Latigo Silver Huckleberry Jack Bronze Dayo Reckoning

49er Lady: Honey Jack
Silver Statesman Gold: No Doc Holiday  Buckarette Gold: Rattlesnake Lily
Buckaroo Gold: Swift Lefty, busted leg and all  Cowboy: Gold Montana Redeye, Silver Big Sky Ranger, Bronze Big Jake Coburn
Duellist: Gold Homestake, Silver Rocky Mountain Stranger, Bronze Bugler  Cattle Baron: Gold Missouri River Kid, Silver Mulligan, Bronze Two Gun Montana
Elder Statesman: Gold Lightnin Jack  Frontier  Frontier Cartridge: Gold Yakima Red

Grand Dame: Gold Angel  Lady Silver Senior: Gold Izzy Bored

Elder Statesman: Gold Canyon Charlie

Jun 27 Main Match Results  Side Matches Results
Got a BUNCH of pix from Honey Jack and a few from Homestake. Will post those later this week -- day job gets in the way, especially when it's a night job.
Latigo's Mongrel Horde on the left, Muggin's Motley Crew on the right
Bugler, Honey Jack, Curley Pete on the left. Curley's daughter, the lovely Rattlesnake Lily, on the right.
Montana Lawman shooting from the table, with Huckleberry Jack and Muggins. On the right: them guns don't load themselves!
Angel and Rattlesnake Lily, Noah Regrets and Yellowstone Nerd - a rare sighting of the Nerd in his natural habitat. He's usually taking pictures.
Latigo and Big Jake, Buckskin Lilly and Muggins
Bugler headed for unloading; Izzy Bored on her Henry 
Owl-Eye Olga on the left; Solo Browncoat on the right.

Jacks or better to open: Honey and Huckleberry

Thank you to all who came out to shoot on the unusually hot day. There were 31 so we separated into two posses.
The first three stages took a little longer as posse 1 had 16 shooters with posse 2 having 15 and three only shooting part of the match to give them a smaller posse. Stage 4 & 5 were faster so posse 2 had to wait for posse 1 to get ready to move. Latigo came up with a good resolution by changing berm 4 to accommodate posse 1 to shoot stages 3, 4, and 5 there with just a little target adjustment. Posse 2 then moved to berm 3 to complete their final three stages.
Starting lines for each stage were:
Corona, what the heck is that?
Hey barkeep, what's this green thing in my beer?
Tastes like donkey pee
No I don't know what donkey pee tastes like
What no whiskey
Side Matches
Rocky Mountain Stranger on the left, Galloping Swede on the right
Muggins Taylor; Latigo
It was a cool day today as most of you know. Wish yesterday could have been the same as we wouldn't have had to deal with the heat and we may have all shot better. Just goes to show how Mother Nature is fickle. 10 hardy souls came out to shoot the side matches with Angel being the scorekeeper.
Everyone seemed to have a good time except when the timer decided to not record the time. It just wasn't poor Montana Redeye's day as he had to reshoot his rifle in Speed Rifle and also on the Long Range Rifle because of the timer issue. He also had an issue with, of all things, a squib in his shotgun on the Speed Shotgun. It does pay to put powder in when you reload as there just isn't enough burn for the primer to send the wad and all those BB's down range. Good thing Montana Redeye had other shotgun shells with him. Yes, much to his misfortune, there was lots of laughter on the range at his expense. Sorry for picking on you Montana Redeye.
Attached are the Side Match Results for today's match (they are highlighted in yellow on the spreadsheet). Congratulations to the following for winning the individual matches:
Long Range Rifle - Rocky Mountain Stranger
Long Range Pistol - Homestake
Speed Rifle - Curly Pete
Speed Pistol - Owl Eye Olga
Speed Shotgun - Owl Eye Olga
Cowboy Skeet in a shoot off - Curly Pete
Cowboy Stage (just because) - Owl Eye Olga


COMBINED MATCH June 14  Results

Sunday, June 14, dawned cloudy and cooler than the 95 degrees of the day before.  A dozen shooters made their way to the Billings Rod and Gun Club for the Montana Territory Peacemakers� June Combined Cowboy and Wild Bunch Match.  The posse was evenly divided between Cowboy Action shooters and Wild Bunch Action shooters at six apiece.  One shooter, Shane, was making his first appearance at a Montana Territory Peacemakers match.  Rocky Mountain Stranger came just to observe and to help out.

We shot five stages provided by Angel (who, along with Muggins, was off chasing arrows somewhere in Wyoming).  In the first two stages, we fended off would be robbers and claim jumpers with the stage lines of �You boys aren�t robbing me tonight!� and �Hey boys, where is your whiskey row spirit?�  Stage 3 found the posse fending off rustlers with a line �My scatter gun ain�t gonna miss!�  Having handled the rustlers, we turned our attention to some hombres (including Turquoise Bill) intent on taking our gold with the line, �Howdie Turquoise Bill!�  Stage 5 had the posse out hunting and dodging Indians with the line �I aim to keep my hair!�

Despite some recalcitrant firearms and some sneaky brass that seemed exceptionally hard to locate, the match proceeded at a lively pace.   Having the help of Rocky Mountain Stranger (thanks RMS) certainly contributed to the faster tempo and we were done with the shootin�, tear down, and target puttin� away by about one p.m. at which time everyone went home to, no doubt, clean their guns and get ready for the next match. 

See ya at the range!!

May 30th Results

Mother Nature smiled on us today with lots of sunshine. With the great weather condition we were able to make up the match cancelled due to Mother Nature�s bad attitude last weekend. We got to shoot Galloping Swede�s stages and 18 shooters had a great day with some interesting shooting sequences and fast stages.
We started with Grab the Herd and continued on stopping the rustling. The rest of the lines to start the stages were You�re not stealing these cows, Make your play, Drop that whiskey and Go for your guns.
Even with the large posse we were able to finish in the early afternoon, break down stages, return steel to the shed and some gather for lunch at Blues BBQ in the heights.

May 10: Results
Angel Reports: Well, all I can say is Mother Nature sure changed up the forecast. What was supposed to be a nice sunny day was actually windy and chilly (more like cold).
Ten hardy individuals were on hand to shoot today�s combined Wild Bunch/Cowboy Action match. Six shot Wild Bunch and four shot Cowboy. We did take the recommended precaution of wearing our dew rags as outlaws but even that resulted in contamination as no one shot a clean match.

It was obvious that it�s been awhile since lead was put down range by no clean match but there were a few clean stages. Yellowstone Nerd cleaned stages 1 & 2 with Angel getting clean stages on 2 & 5. There were a few firearm issues too. A couple �97�s, one rifle and a pistol didn�t like the cold.
Starting lines for today�s match were:
I didn�t ride in on no turnip wagon, mister.
There ain�t no way to do this thing legal and honest.
Whaddya say we make a stand right here?
Squirrel-toothed Betty? Why, she�s a sporting gal over in Miles City.
The life I�ve been living is my gun�s fault.
Angel with Rocky Mountain Stranger for background. Homestoke and his 1911 with Latigo
Honey Jack spotting; Huckleberry Jack and Homestead. No banks were robbed in the making of this match.
Homestake timing Latigo; Muggins and Solo Brown Coat
Montana Redeye; new shooter Rocky Mountain Stranger


March 7: Results

Today started out OK but quickly turned cool when the wind came up and 15 shooters came to play. Even with the chilling wind we managed to get all five stages in.
The shooting strings were quick and varied. The swinging shotgun targets were put into play again today so all we had to do was pick brass and shotgun shells which made for fast movement other than Backstrap Bill used his Spencer. 
Shooters were chosen from the group to provide stories for the last three stages. These individuals Yellowstone Nerd, Big Jake Blackburn and Backstrap Bill were quick and managed to come up some very witty story lines.
Stage lines were:
Stage 1 - A loaded Colt beats four of a kind!
Stage 2 - I can shoot straight if I don�t have to shoot to far!
Stage 3 - Shooting lawmen just breeds trouble!
Stage 4 - I�ll fill you so full o� buckshot you�ll whistle while you walk!
Stage 5 - Some of you had better be sizing up grave space!
There were some procedurals and depending on the sight picture misses but Angel, Grizzly Bill and Yellowstone Nerd were able to shoot a clean match. No clean match pins were given out as this was not a scheduled match so bragging rights only. This being said be sure to bring your �A� game and come to out to shoot at our next scheduled match to see if you can win the coveted Clean Match pin!

February 22: Main Match Results  Side Match Results

We were greeted on the range with cold winds but persevered to shoot 5 stages, and a Sucker side match. Fourteen shooters arrived to make a good size posse.
All stages were loosely based on this being a Leap Year. It was decided that because of the cold wind we would take a break after shooting two stages to go into the pistol building to warm up and do a little visiting. We opted again to go in to warm up after stage 4 as well.
Homestake came prepared for the side match with numerous bags of suckers, two saw horses and a 2 x 4. There were 10 suckers placed in the 2 x 4 to be shot with the rifle. Any ties were to be decided by fastest time. Unfortunately the first person, Dayo Reckining, shot 8 but the timer didn�t function so he had no time. Solo Browncoat also shot 8 with a time of 43.69. Since they were the only two to get 8 suckers and because of the timer issue it was decided to have a shoot off but this time with pistols. Both shooters came to the line to shoot 5 suckers each with Dayo Reckining coming out on top as side match winner by shooting 1 sucker.

February 1: Flash Match  Results

Montana Red Eye, Lacivious Latigo, Nitro Nick, Homestake Drifter, Angel, Grizzly Bill, Backstrap Bill, Griz�s new girlfriend, Two Gun Montana, Solo Brown Coat, Galloping Swede. How they kept standing in the wind, I dunno!

Love blossoms, Miz Griz finds out, love wilts.
Not to be outdone by ZooMontana and their Super Bowl winner predicting bear, Ozzy, during yesterday's MTP "Flash Match," shooters were divided into teams representing the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs in our own effort to predict the Super Bowl XIV winner.
The shoot out was complete with an ejection for targeting, an illegal substitution, numerous missed tackles (targets), and various other vagaries based on the similarities between Cowboy Action Shooting and football including, but not limited to, strong feelings about when the clock should have started and grumbling over the officiating.
In the end, the San Francisco 49ers were predicted by the MTP shooters to be the Super Bowl winners. This prediction was consistent with Ozzy's pick, but if Ozzy's prediction comes true, it will only be because his pick was the same as the MTP prediction.
Enjoy the game! Top

2019 Matches: Mar 23  Apr 27  May 12 (Wild Bunch)  May 25  June 22  BSSG July 27-28  Aug 24 

Upcoming Matches     

August 24: Silver Dollar Match  Results
As you can see: it was light, it was dark, it was light, it was dark.
Father and son: Stagecoach Clyde, King Mabry
Henchmen: Double Drop Fred, Doc River
Delilah Bored prepares to shoot; One BIG posse!

There were 29 shooters at today's Silver Dollar Match. Stages were written by Galloping Swede where there were many issues with gold and silver.

Stage 1 started the day with"What a Fool I been looking for gold"
Stage 2 "Git".
Stage 3 "You ain't gettin' my gold today" or if you were of Norwegian ancestry "by golly, you fellas can't have no silver today".
Stage 4 "I'm buying that sign"
Stage 5 "Don't do it".

To add a little difference to not only the match winner Galloping Swede decided to add a little bit of a twist. Five shooters would be the lucky winners of a Silver Dollar. Those winners were No Doc Holiday, Angel, King Mabry, Huckleberry Jack and Chama Bill.

Four shooters were awarded clean match pins. Those shooters were Mudhen Millie, Big Sky Ranger, Grizzly Bill and Bugler.

Big Sky Games July 27-28 There will be more material over the period July 27-July 30 or so. First installment: Cowboy Action Awards
More fun from Whamo: Action Pictures  Cowboy Match Results

June 23:  Results  Main Match  Side Matches

Mother Nature threw her weight around for the scheduled 2 day match of 10 stages, 5 each day, for June so Saturday was cancelled due to rain. Sunday dawned sunny but comfortable for the chosen 5 stages and 2 side matches of Speed Rifle and Speed Pistol. 19 hardy shooters came out to play along with Lilly Blossom and Angel helping as counters, setting targets and picking brass.
Along with the normal shooting sequences Homestake threw in a new twist. The Super Bowl was replayed with the shooters randomly assigned to play for the Rams and Patriots. Since there were an odd number of shooters Muggins was on the injured/free agent roster. Also added as a twist you could be assessed a penalty of 5 seconds for not remembering the starting line to start the stage, heading to the line before being called and/or moving from the gun rack with loaded firearms. This penalty was only assessed to the team score. Only two penalties were assessed for not remembering the starting line and just happened to be one for each team. Again the Patriots won the super bowl with a score of 2801.77 over the Rams 2929.60. Sorry but the fastest time wins not the highest score.
Bugler shot a clean match!

The Ladies of the Possee; Vinnie Bagodonuts
Backstrap brought his Spencer
Montana Redeye and Missour River Kid
Nitro Nick and Waiting To Shoot

Owl Eye Olga and a few of her fans

Double Drop Fred
There were 8 that tried their hands at the Speed Rifle and Speed Pistol side matches with Latigo taking the Speed Rifle with a time of 5.82 and Missouri River Kid taking the win in the Speed Pistol with a time of 7.78.

The breakdown of the Super Bowl, side matches and match results will follow.
Thanks to all who came out to shoot and hope you had a great time.

 5 main match stages and side matches each day. Each day will use 50 rifle, 50 pistol, and around 25 shotgun rounds. Setup 8 am, briefing around 9 am.

 May 25 Results The day was bee-yoo-ti-ful. Congratulations to Bugler and Yellowstone Nerd on their clean matches.  Thanks to Mustang Maddie and Honey Jack for keeping score.  Thanks to everyone who brought stuff for the swap meet.

The Posse - about as large as we could manage in one gang

Yakima as TO, Swede as shooter, Delilah Bored and Big Jake as eager spectators

Honey Jack with Bugler, Homestake waiting for his turn

Setting up - Two Gun, Vinnie Bagodonuts, Donk, Shotgun Kegger, Swift Lefty

Tater: you may have noticed we see more of the backs of left-handed shooters.

Double-Drop Fred with Bugler

Vinnie Bagodonuts

Doc Rover on the stage "All Must Fall."

Nitro Nick with Bugler

Nitro Nick  on the left and Montana Redeye jammed up at the unloading table.


Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match May 12, 2019 Results

The Posse

Nine brave souls shot the May 12th Combined Cowboy/Wild Bunch match.  They braved the frigid 74 degree temperatures, the blustering 2 mile per hour winds, the largest and most daunting target array in a single stage not written by Backstrap, the potential wrath of mothers and wives for shooting on Mother's day, the Australian style loading and unloading tables, and the endless brass picking to set new records for misses in a single match.  Of course, a fair number of those misses were due to equipment failures as our M1911 pistols maybe don't get exercised as frequently as they might.  One apparently absent minded or perhaps oblivious shooter received a "P" for shooting the wrong targets when, just moments before, he had been admonished, "Don't shoot the white targets." 

The match featured stages with lines such as, "You sure like to hear yerself talk!",  "For a dull man, you sure stir up a heap of trouble!",  "We have to listen to them, but we don't have to do what they say!",  "It's my job to catch criminals!", and  "Stop runnin' yer mouth and pull iron!"

Undoubtedly our nine intrepid shooters (and perhaps a bunch more) are looking forward to another challenging match of similar ilk next month when most likely shooting conditions will be much better than this month and the targets will be closer, the stages simpler, the calendar without controversial dates, etc.......

April 27 Main Match Results  Side-match Results 

The Posse

Chama Bill and Latigo

Joe, Chama and Yakima. The moustache is unmistakable.
We were able to get in a good match as Mother Nature held off the precipitation until late. 18 shooters came out to play including our junior shooter, Swift Lefty. We also had four that received our clean match pins: Chama Bill, Grizzly Bill, Homestake Drifter and Shotgun Kegger.
The stages were based on movie themes with the following being said to start the stage:
Go ahead and skin that smoke wagon!
You called the thunder!
Begging won't save yore sorry hide!
It's a good day to make things right!
The day ain't over yet,
After the completion of the main match a few took the option to shoot a side match consisting using a shotgun and two pistols on five targets each. 5 shotgun must take down and 10 pistol. Shooters were able to shoot twice for best score. The results show only the winning times.

.22 Match March 23, 2019 Results

The Posse

Solo Browncoat with Swede

Donk With Pants On

Latigo - say, did Swede ever get to shoot?


Our Second Flash Match  Results
It was a small and hardy band:

Canyon Charlie with Bugler on timer:

The Flash Match happened on Jan 12 Results
We, Montana Territory Peacemakers, had a flash match today. Started out at 28 degrees and windy. Ended the day at 44 degrees with a slight breeze. Needless to say it�s hard to get the rifle and shotgun in the pocket when you have so many clothes on to stay warm.
Had 5 stages scheduled and opted to only shoot 4. Small contingent came out to shoot, 2 ladies and 10 gentlemen. The following is what was said to start the stage:
It�s a New Year!
I think I drank too much on New Year�s Eve!
I need some trigger time!
I love shooting in the winter!
I can�t wait to shoot again! (Stage opted not to be shot)
Setup was simplified in that only 9 targets were used, 5 for rifle/pistol and 4 shotgun. All stages had very interesting shooting sequences along with movement to a shooting line. All the target sequences shot with the rifle were repeated with the pistols and mandatory take down on the shotgun.
Keep your eyes open. You may see another flash match pop up.

Carts set up in refurbished bay

Posse on Ice

Delilah finishes a stage

Getting read for the next shooter


Double Drop Fred and a whiff of black powder

Two Gun back in action after an injury

Doc River above and below

Christmas Party: Dec 8, 6-9 pm, in the basement of the main clubhouse.  Big announcement: we will have a new award, a small version of the club badge for CLEAN MATCHES. A Clean Match means all hits and no penalties or procedurals.

The Homestake Family: Homestake, Swift Lefty, Fairweather Annie. Right: The new model of shooting glasses may interfere with hats.
Below: our friends enjoying a delightful pot-luck.

Oct 27 Zombie match was rained out. Then the afternoon was lovely. Ah, well.

Matches:     Sep 22  Aug 25  Jul 28  Jun 23  May 26  May 5 Class  Apr 28

Sep 22-23 Kind of a mixed thing, some people shot on Saturday, some on Sunday, some shot both days.
Results: Saturday   Sunday   Sunday Side Dishes

Saturday's Action Shots

The Saturday Posse

The Sunday Posse

Angel responds to the peanut gallery, probably Muggins. Now we can get some work done!

Left: Montana Redeye, gunfighter, having what I call a good day. Right: Solo Browncoat and Sharpie on deck.

Delilah Bored and her Henry. Right: if you use both eyes, you'll recognize Two-Eye Ted.

Shotgun Kegger headed down range. Bugler in a classic pose with Noah Regrets on timer.

 The gallery: Noah Regrets, Joe Cross, Missour River Kid, Galloping Swede, some of Big Sky Ranger.

August 25 Match:  Main Match Results  Side Match Results
We had great weather -- kind of cool for August. Two posses enjoyed stages by Grizzly Bill and about half shot the side match, a rare opportunity to full-load Winchester 97 shotguns. Generous owners shared their shotguns for interested shooters who only had double-barreled guns.
Homestake's Hooligans:

Bugler's Brigands:


Left: Joe Cross with Latigo    Right: Two new shooters, Double Drop Fred and Doc River.


Left: Big Jack Blackburn and Double Drop Fred   Right: Two Gun Montana


Left: Double Drop Fred is apparently a smoker.   Right: Doc River with Latigo


Left: Muggins Taylor takes Honey Jack through a stage.   Right: Chama Bill with Delilah Bored


Left: Grizzly Bill, Latigo on timer   Right: Big Sky Ranger and Grizzly Bill waiting their turns.


Left: Huckleberry Jack shooting with Homestake   Right: Sharpie shooting with Noah Regrets


Left: Homestake shooting with Two Eyed Ted   Right: Popple Cop with Two Eyed Ted


Left: Angel shooting the side match with Homestake.  Right: Swift Lefty, our favority Buckaroo, with Two Eye Ted


BIG SKY STATE GAMES JULY 28  RESULTS HERE Rogues' Gallery of Prizes Here  Action photos here!  More photos coming soon!

Today, July 28th, the Montana Territory Peacemakers hosted the Big Sky States Games Cowboy Action match.

We had 44 shooters for today's match separated into three posse's.  Posse Marshalls and scorekeepers were H M "Muggins" Taylor and Galloping Swede, Posse 1; Lascivious Latigo and Karilynn, Posse 2 and Homestake Drifter and Fair Weather Annie assisted by Disastrous Olive, Posse 3.

The match was based on the movie "Who Shot Liberty Valance".  Lines to be said to start the timer on each stage were as follows:

Stage 1 - "Shotgun, shuck your shells"   Stage 2 - "I'll see you in jail for this"

Stage 3 - "Lookee at the new waitress/waiter"   Stage 4 - "You, Valance, you pick it up"

Stage 5 - "Dead"   Stage 6 - "Print the legend"

Lunch was provided by the Cajun Phatty's Food Truck.  Selections were baskets of chicken, catfish, Allegator or shrimp with a biscuit and fries.  All who partook of lunch were complimentary of the selections and quick service of a hot meal.  Thank you food truck owner, Ashley.

Overall match winners were husband and wife, Chama Bill and Mudhen Millie.  Congratulations!  Clean match, no misses/no procedurals, were Angel and Mudhen Millie.
Photographs from Big Sky Ranger, Yellowstone Nerd and Honey Jack. Your name could go here too!

Posse 1

Posse 2

Posse 3

Cowbel John, Bugler and Donk honor the flag at the end of the match

BSSG Awards by Category

Left: Match Winners Mudhen Millie and Chama Bill Right: Clean Match Winners Mudhen Millie and Angel
Left: Grand Dame Gold Gabby G Right: Elder Statesmen Bronze Grizzly Bill, Gold Joe Cross, Silver Missouri River Kid
Frontier Cartridge Left:  Bronze Charlie T Waite, Silver Backstrap Bill, Gold Yakima Red Right: Gold Lillly Blossom
Left: Cowboy Bronze Big Sky Ranger, Gold Donk, Silver Otis  Right: Duelist Gold Noah Regrets, Silver Bugler,  Bronze CC Gunner
 Left Silver Senior: Gold Angel, Silver Delilah Bored Right: Senior Bronze No Doc Holliday, Silver Dusty Barrels, Gold Santa Fe Kid
Left: Cowgirl Gold Buckskin Lilly, Silver Calamity Cole, Bronze Feisty Cowgirl Right: Buckaroo Gold Swift Lefty (with grandpa Homestake)
Left: Forty Niners Gold Lascivious Latigo Silver Rusty Scalpel Bronze Huckleberry Jack Right: Sodbuster Gold Liberty Laurel

Lady Forty-Niner: Gold Honey Jack

Action Pictures


July 8 Combined Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match Results

The Posse
Above: Bugler  Below: Sheriff Wild Eyes

Our last combined Wild Bunch/Cowboy Action match went off really well today. We had five shooting Wild Bunch and four shooting Cowboy Action. The day started out pretty comfortable but did get warm about mid stage four. I chose not to shoot today after shooting five clean stages in Powell yesterday but did registration, gave moral support, assistance as a counter, picking brass and of course kept score.

Homestake did an awesome job writing the five stages. The Wild Bunch shot 20 pistol, 10 rifle and 6 shotgun on each stage with Cowboy Action shooting 10 pistol, 10 rifle and 6+ shotgun.

Here is a summary:

Stage 1 - Cowboys shooting at town business signs were taunted with "Good guys shoot straight".

Stage 2 - Bank robbers rebuked by the the bank owner "This bank is owned by Bletchly Gooberpad, a Baptist and a Free Mason".

Stage 3 - Sheriff peers into the local saloon, shakes his head and remarks "So many people with so little purpose".

Stage 4 - Aware of the sheriff's sensitivity, you loudly pontificate "I feel safer in a bull pasture than surrounded by a pack of politicians".

Stage 5 - After several hours imbibing, vision blurry, head hurting you turn to leave seeing nothing but "Green snakes and pink elephants".

A few later adjourned to Fudruckers in the Heights to have a bite to eat and review the match. What a way to end a great day of shooting and camaraderie.


June 24 Match: Results

A small but enthused crew

Side match: Team A was Powder River Joe, Latigo, and Shotgun (who happen to be at the left)
Team B was Bugler, Big Jake, and Rusty Scalpel. The nurse and the surgeon contributed to the win, carving the 2x4!

June 23 Match: Results

A beautiful day shooting by the shores of Lake Puddledeep. After the invocation specifically asked for a little help,
the weather gave us a gap between the rain before the match and the rain after the match.


Angel makes her triumphant return after injury.  Bluewater Ringer back from Arizona.  Shotgun Kegger.


New shooter Scalpel - saved Tuco in one stage!  Delilah Bored

 June 10 Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match Results

Posse left to right: Honey Jack, Huckleberry Jack, Solo Browncoat, Homestake Drifter, Sharpie, Latigo and Joe Cross
Our own Pretty-Sharp Seven. Now where's that town with the bandits?


Five stages based on a Bad Day At Bannock were shot today.  Weather started out sunny but cool and ended cool with a sign of showers that didn't materialize.

Characters included in this match are the Banker, Grizzly Bill and the Dummer Gang, Stage 1; Summer Dummer, Stage 2; jail break by the Dummer Gang, Stage 3; the Stoop brothers - cousins of the Dummer Gang, Stage 4 and finally closing the bank and pursuing the Stoop gang you approach their camp to hear them complaining about their take which the smart teller gave them in place of the gold pieces.

Lines used to start each stage were: (1) Happy as a woodpecker with a headache!, (2) Summer Dummer, (3) Piece is cake!, (4) That sure stuck pig meat in the cow pie! and (4) Washers. Washers. We shot our way out of that town for a dollar's worth of steel holes!  This line was in the original Wild Bunch movie.

Even though it was a small posse with Angel and Kari Lynn scoring, counting misses, picking brass and setting targets everyone assisted and had a great time.  Joe Cross even had the best remark of the day for those picking brass "We look like a bunch of birds looking for worms!"


Monthly CAS Match May 26 Results

We shot as two posses but we posed as one. Posse poses possess power!
What a fantastic match.  We had 27 shooters today.  Welcome new shooters Solo Browncoat, Calamity Cole and Bellabord.   Stages were provided by Bugler based on Clint Eastwood movies: The Outlaw Josey Wales, Two Mules For Sister Sara, For A Few Dollars More, The Good The Bad and Ugly, and a no name Stage 5.  Providing a challenge were shotgun poppers with flying clays and the Texas Star shot with the shotgun.  There were also new sequences different than regular and Nevada sweeps I.e. Cactus sweep over seven targets. Clock sweep over five targets and an X sweep over five targets.
Left: Trying to catch the poppers on camera is almost as hard as catching them with shotguns. Right: Calamity Cole at her first match
Left: Sharpie on rifle, Latigo on timer. Right: there's at least some history that Scots in the American West wore kilts sometimes. Either that, or Donk has enrolled at a remarkably progressive Catholic school.
Left: Noah Regrets and Buckskin Lily  Right: Grizzlly Bill celebrates Mustang Maddies recital with his own Concerto .44
Swift Lefty waits his turn. Right: Packratt has the beard of the week.
Left: Bellabored at her first match.  Right: Mudhen Millie. Not her first match!




New Shooters class May 5 results

Thirteen students (including the Buckaroo With No Name) participated in the 2018 Introduction to Cowboy Action Shooting Class on May 5, 2018.  Ten of them shot the "Claim Jumpers!" stage.  (Sheriff Wild Eyes and Gypsee already have a match under their belts and we had no .22s or .410 for the Buckaroo With No Name so they did not shoot).


John Wesley Hart and The Kaos Kid with Backstrap Bill


Deadman Duke with Lily Blossom; Roadklill with Backstrap


Bellabored and Sioux Charley


Solo Brown Coat and Elmer


Fourbits and Righty Bob


April Match Main Scores  Side Scores

Mother Nature graced us with a beautiful day for shooting. 18 signed up to shoot the match with Huckleberry Jacks wife assisting by taking pictures and picking brass. Karilynn manned the scoring tablet with both Angel and Lilly Blossom, due to healing from medical issues, assisting as brass pickers and counters.


What a day the posse had! The loading table greeted some new friends. On the right, Powder River Joe.

Five stages written by Grizzly Bill with Galloping Swede as Match Director were enjoyed by all. They were based on real life of Little Britches and Cattle Annie, teenage female outlaws who were part of the Bill Doolin Gang. They were excellent horsewomen and markswomen who dressed in men's clothing. They sold whiskey to the Osage and Pawnee as well as engaging in horse theft operating together or alone. They thwarted the law for only two years but proved a challenge to law enforcement and the judicial system. Both were eventually imprisoned at Framington Massachusetts.




I dunno what Homestake had on the line but I guess he never landed it!

So he got more direct with it:

The side match was entitled "25 seconds or less". 13 shooters took up the gauntlet with Eastwood leading the pack with a total time of 21.07.

"The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" went to the unloading table immediately afterward. Here's our posse at Montana Rib and Chop House.

March 24th .22 match Results

Couple of latecomers joined after the posse pick - Diamond Pete and Needamore Ammo.
Good to see Pack Ratt!

Diamond Pete meets the Double-Barreled .410

Homestake got a picture of NeedamoreAmmo

Homestake found us a picture of Needamore Ammo

Cowboy Christmas Party

We were greeted by Mustang Maddie and her cello. Which is handy when you're traveling because there's always room for cello

Guests impatient to begin the feast!

Hobnobbery among our friends; a good turnout.
Below: Swift Lefty and Dewdrop did all the work for the White Elephant Exchange and Theft Operation


About the Peacemakers

The Montana Territory Peacemakers is a Cowboy Action Shooting� club. We shoot pistols, rifles and shotguns of styles used during the period of the Wild West, roughly 1865-1900. We also wear costumes of the period. We use steel targets and we work to make our shooting safe and fun.

We shoot on the fourth Saturday of each month from April through September and we have some occasional shoots during the winter. Shooting is always a weather-dependent event up here, so keep an eye on the site to see if we're going to have to reschedule a monthly meet.

We also host the Yellowstone Valley Buffalo Stampede, our club annual match, during the fourth week of June each year.

The Rod and Gun Club welcomes visitors to our events, so the gate will be raised when we're shooting and we hope you'll come by for a look -- and maybe to try a stage with us. If you stop for a look and want a little more, we can almost always equip you for a stage to get a feel for our sport. You'll need eye and ear protection on the range, of course, and we'll provide it if you need some. Disposable ear plugs are free but we do ask you to pay $3 for the eye protection. Kind of like 3-D at the movie theater, except we're already in 3-D and you can bring the glasses back next time.

Our email is mtpeacmakers at gmail dot com.