Access to the Rod And Gun Club: There's a big job at the top of the hill at Zimmerman Trail and Zimmerman Trail will be closed for several weeks. If you usually come up that way, probably you'd better go to 27th St and come up by the airport, then head west.

BIG SKY STATE GAMES JULY 28  RESULTS HERE Rogues' Gallery of Prizes Here  Action photos here!  More photos coming soon!

Today, July 28th, the Montana Territory Peacemakers hosted the Big Sky States Games Cowboy Action match.

We had 44 shooters for today's match separated into three posse's.  Posse Marshalls and scorekeepers were H M "Muggins" Taylor and Galloping Swede, Posse 1; Lascivious Latigo and Karilynn, Posse 2 and Homestake Drifter and Fair Weather Annie assisted by Disastrous Olive, Posse 3.

The match was based on the movie "Who Shot Liberty Valance".  Lines to be said to start the timer on each stage were as follows:

Stage 1 - "Shotgun, shuck your shells"   Stage 2 - "I'll see you in jail for this"

Stage 3 - "Lookee at the new waitress/waiter"   Stage 4 - "You, Valance, you pick it up"

Stage 5 - "Dead"   Stage 6 - "Print the legend"

Lunch was provided by the Cajun Phatty's Food Truck.  Selections were baskets of chicken, catfish, Allegator or shrimp with a biscuit and fries.  All who partook of lunch were complimentary of the selections and quick service of a hot meal.  Thank you food truck owner, Ashley.

Overall match winners were husband and wife, Chama Bill and Mudhen Millie.  Congratulations!  Clean match, no misses/no procedurals, were Angel and Mudhen Millie.
Photographs from Big Sky Ranger, Yellowstone Nerd and Honey Jack. Your name could go here too!

Posse 1

Posse 2

Posse 3

Cowbel John, Bugler and Donk honor the flag at the end of the match

BSSG Awards by Category

Left: Match Winners Mudhen Millie and Chama Bill Right: Clean Match Winners Mudhen Millie and Angel
Left: Grand Dame Gold Gabby G Right: Elder Statesmen Bronze Grizzly Bill, Gold Joe Cross, Silver Missouri River Kid
Frontier Cartridge Left:  Bronze Charlie T Waite, Silver Backstrap Bill, Gold Yakima Red Right: Gold Lillly Blossom
Left: Cowboy Bronze Big Sky Ranger, Gold Donk, Silver Otis  Right: Duelist Gold Noah Regrets, Silver Bugler,  Bronze CC Gunner
 Left Silver Senior: Gold Angel, Silver Delilah Bored Right: Senior Bronze No Doc Holliday, Silver Dusty Barrels, Gold Santa Fe Kid
Left: Cowgirl Gold Buckskin Lilly, Silver Calamity Cole, Bronze Feisty Cowgirl Right: Buckaroo Gold Swift Lefty (with grandpa Homestake)
Left: Forty Niners Gold Lascivious Latigo Silver Rusty Scalpel Bronze Huckleberry Jack Right: Sodbuster Gold Liberty Laurel

Lady Forty-Niner: Gold Honey Jack

Action Pictures


July 8 Combined Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match Results

The Posse
Above: Bugler  Below: Sheriff Wild Eyes

Our last combined Wild Bunch/Cowboy Action match went off really well today. We had five shooting Wild Bunch and four shooting Cowboy Action. The day started out pretty comfortable but did get warm about mid stage four. I chose not to shoot today after shooting five clean stages in Powell yesterday but did registration, gave moral support, assistance as a counter, picking brass and of course kept score.

Homestake did an awesome job writing the five stages. The Wild Bunch shot 20 pistol, 10 rifle and 6 shotgun on each stage with Cowboy Action shooting 10 pistol, 10 rifle and 6+ shotgun.

Here is a summary:

Stage 1 - Cowboys shooting at town business signs were taunted with "Good guys shoot straight".

Stage 2 - Bank robbers rebuked by the the bank owner "This bank is owned by Bletchly Gooberpad, a Baptist and a Free Mason".

Stage 3 - Sheriff peers into the local saloon, shakes his head and remarks "So many people with so little purpose".

Stage 4 - Aware of the sheriff's sensitivity, you loudly pontificate "I feel safer in a bull pasture than surrounded by a pack of politicians".

Stage 5 - After several hours imbibing, vision blurry, head hurting you turn to leave seeing nothing but "Green snakes and pink elephants".

A few later adjourned to Fudruckers in the Heights to have a bite to eat and review the match. What a way to end a great day of shooting and camaraderie.


June 24 Match: Results

A small but enthused crew

Side match: Team A was Powder River Joe, Latigo, and Shotgun (who happen to be at the left)
Team B was Bugler, Big Jake, and Rusty Scalpel. The nurse and the surgeon contributed to the win, carving the 2x4!

June 23 Match: Results

A beautiful day shooting by the shores of Lake Puddledeep. After the invocation specifically asked for a little help,
the weather gave us a gap between the rain before the match and the rain after the match.


Angel makes her triumphant return after injury.  Bluewater Ringer back from Arizona.  Shotgun Kegger.


New shooter Scalpel - saved Tuco in one stage!  Delilah Bored

 June 10 Cowboy/Wild Bunch Match Results

Posse left to right: Honey Jack, Huckleberry Jack, Solo Browncoat, Homestake Drifter, Sharpie, Latigo and Joe Cross
Our own Pretty-Sharp Seven. Now where's that town with the bandits?


Five stages based on a Bad Day At Bannock were shot today.  Weather started out sunny but cool and ended cool with a sign of showers that didn't materialize.

Characters included in this match are the Banker, Grizzly Bill and the Dummer Gang, Stage 1; Summer Dummer, Stage 2; jail break by the Dummer Gang, Stage 3; the Stoop brothers - cousins of the Dummer Gang, Stage 4 and finally closing the bank and pursuing the Stoop gang you approach their camp to hear them complaining about their take which the smart teller gave them in place of the gold pieces.

Lines used to start each stage were: (1) Happy as a woodpecker with a headache!, (2) Summer Dummer, (3) Piece is cake!, (4) That sure stuck pig meat in the cow pie! and (4) Washers. Washers. We shot our way out of that town for a dollar's worth of steel holes!  This line was in the original Wild Bunch movie.

Even though it was a small posse with Angel and Kari Lynn scoring, counting misses, picking brass and setting targets everyone assisted and had a great time.  Joe Cross even had the best remark of the day for those picking brass "We look like a bunch of birds looking for worms!"


Monthly CAS Match May 26 Results

We shot as two posses but we posed as one. Posse poses possess power!
What a fantastic match.  We had 27 shooters today.  Welcome new shooters Solo Browncoat, Calamity Cole and Bellabord.   Stages were provided by Bugler based on Clint Eastwood movies: The Outlaw Josey Wales, Two Mules For Sister Sara, For A Few Dollars More, The Good The Bad and Ugly, and a no name Stage 5.  Providing a challenge were shotgun poppers with flying clays and the Texas Star shot with the shotgun.  There were also new sequences different than regular and Nevada sweeps I.e. Cactus sweep over seven targets. Clock sweep over five targets and an X sweep over five targets.
Left: Trying to catch the poppers on camera is almost as hard as catching them with shotguns. Right: Calamity Cole at her first match
Left: Sharpie on rifle, Latigo on timer. Right: there's at least some history that Scots in the American West wore kilts sometimes. Either that, or Donk has enrolled at a remarkably progressive Catholic school.
Left: Noah Regrets and Buckskin Lily  Right: Grizzlly Bill celebrates Mustang Maddies recital with his own Concerto .44
Swift Lefty waits his turn. Right: Packratt has the beard of the week.
Left: Bellabored at her first match.  Right: Mudhen Millie. Not her first match!


New Shooters class May 5 results

Thirteen students (including the Buckaroo With No Name) participated in the 2018 Introduction to Cowboy Action Shooting Class on May 5, 2018.  Ten of them shot the "Claim Jumpers!" stage.  (Sheriff Wild Eyes and Gypsee already have a match under their belts and we had no .22s or .410 for the Buckaroo With No Name so they did not shoot).


John Wesley Hart and The Kaos Kid with Backstrap Bill


Deadman Duke with Lily Blossom; Roadklill with Backstrap


Bellabored and Sioux Charley


Solo Brown Coat and Elmer


Fourbits and Righty Bob


April Match Main Scores  Side Scores

Mother Nature graced us with a beautiful day for shooting. 18 signed up to shoot the match with Huckleberry Jacks wife assisting by taking pictures and picking brass. Karilynn manned the scoring tablet with both Angel and Lilly Blossom, due to healing from medical issues, assisting as brass pickers and counters.


What a day the posse had! The loading table greeted some new friends. On the right, Powder River Joe.

Five stages written by Grizzly Bill with Galloping Swede as Match Director were enjoyed by all. They were based on real life of Little Britches and Cattle Annie, teenage female outlaws who were part of the Bill Doolin Gang. They were excellent horsewomen and markswomen who dressed in men's clothing. They sold whiskey to the Osage and Pawnee as well as engaging in horse theft operating together or alone. They thwarted the law for only two years but proved a challenge to law enforcement and the judicial system. Both were eventually imprisoned at Framington Massachusetts.




I dunno what Homestake had on the line but I guess he never landed it!

So he got more direct with it:

The side match was entitled "25 seconds or less". 13 shooters took up the gauntlet with Eastwood leading the pack with a total time of 21.07.

"The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" went to the unloading table immediately afterward. Here's our posse at Montana Rib and Chop House.

March 24th .22 match Results

Couple of latecomers joined after the posse pick - Diamond Pete and Needamore Ammo.
Good to see Pack Ratt!

Diamond Pete meets the Double-Barreled .410

Homestake got a picture of NeedamoreAmmo

Homestake found us a picture of Needamore Ammo

Cowboy Christmas Party

We were greeted by Mustang Maddie and her cello. Which is handy when you're traveling because there's always room for cello

Guests impatient to begin the feast!

Hobnobbery among our friends; a good turnout.
Below: Swift Lefty and Dewdrop did all the work for the White Elephant Exchange and Theft Operation

Last match of 2017: Oct 28 Zombie Match. Boy, did weather permit! Main match results. Speed match results.

This was the third annual Zombie Match, inspired by Buck Bored's fixation.
Trivia question: What word never appears in the movie, "Night of the Living Dead"?
That's right: zombie. The ultimate zombie movie used the term "ghouls."

Mudhen Millie shared her recipe for pumpkin-spice bullets!

Our friend Chama Bill told us about his new neighbor, Col. Pete, who wasn't going to come because he was still unpacking and hadn't found his guns. Guess he found them!

Powder River Joe takes a turn

Latigo, Galloping Swede and Joe Cross.


Regular Match: August 26, 2017 Note: the match results are on four stages and the fifth stage was ranked as a side match.

The Posse - 22 of us

We were glad to have Shorty join us again

Lots of business at the loading table. Skirts: Buckskin Lily in white, Dewdrop in purple, Donk in plaid
Lots of Scots settled in the Western territories after the Civil War; dunno how many wore kilts

We were so pleased to welcome Noah Regrets and his sweetheart after a long absence. Joe Cross takes him through his paces.

Buckskin Lily goes into action, Latigo timing

The least-photographed member of the club, Yellowstone Nerd, with Grizzly Bill

Yakima Red, concerned about global cooling, does his part with some black powder.
Galloping Swede manages not to cough.

Club stalwarts Joe Cross and Muggins Taylor. Excellent shots in their own rights but also important movers and doers of tasks.

Everyone's favorite grandson, Swift Lefty. But he's shooting right-handed! I'm so confused!


Big Sky State Games Match July 22, 2017
Results by Category Results by Times

31 Shooters!
A floral chair got left behind. Owner may contact Angel
 at m ugginsangel@outdrs. net Note spaces  to discourage web crawlers from bugging our friends.

Lots of visitors: Canyon Charlie, Cowbel John (yes, one l), Deadeye Dalton, Alkali Andy. Lotta alliteration goin' on here!

And since we treat visitors like family, we put Canyon Charlie straight to work. Here he's checking Ragtime Joe at the loading table.

If you'da asked me, "Do ya think Donk will weak a kilt this year?" I'da said no.
If you'da asked me, "Which peacemaker is mostly likely to wear a kilt?", I'da said "Donk." He said he was wearing it "traditionally" but we all declined that he should prove that.

Colorado Coolade and Charlie Waite pay their respects in the cemetery.

Service: Dakota Drifter needs a drink.

Yakima Red with Ragtime Joe

Shotgun Kegger and Ragtime Joe

Swift Lefty and his .410

Sundog at the cemetery
Awards Ceremonies
Buckaroo: Swift Lefty with grandpa Homestake
Young Gun: Sundog with dad Hoss Shoer
Top Cowgirl: Mudhen Millie
Top Cowboy: Dakota Drifter
49er: Lascivious Latigo
Hoss Shoer, Gold
Donk, Silver
Big Sky Ranger, Bronze
Ranger's dad, Yellowstone Nerd, is accepting for him.
Even though Ranger beat Nerd out for Bronze.
Gold: Homestake
Silver: Colorado Coolade
Bronze: Bugler
Hoss Shoer is accepting for Bugler
Gold: Deadeye Dalton
Silver: Ragtime Joe
Bronze: Alkali Andy
Senior Cowboy:
Gold: Chama Bill
Silver: Joe Cross
Bronze: Two-Eye Ted
Elder Statesmen:
Gold: Grizzly Bill
Silver: Two-Gun Montana
Bronze: Tough-Eye
Frontier Cartridge: Lily Blossom
Frontier Cartridge:
Gold: Yakima Red
Silver: Backstrap Bill


Scheduled Match June 24 and June 25. This was a two-day event. Saturday Results Rank Time  Sunday Results Rank Time

Sidematch results

If someone sends me some pictures from Sunday, I'll post those as soon as able. For now, enjoy Saturday's show.

Saturday's Posse:

Swift Lefty loading with grandpa Homestake Swift Lefty plays Tic Tac Toe with his .22s
Cardiac Kate came over with Owl Eye Olga from North Dakota Owl Eye Olga with Homestake
Bugler demonstrates classic costuming and shooting form Ms. Donk with our next generation of shooters
The firing line Their wily quarry


Scheduled match on May 27.  Results

The day started great with 31 shooters registering for the first Montana Territory Peacemakers match of 2017.  We had five new shooters: Shotgun Kegger, No Doc Holiday, Sharpy, Shorty and Shotgun Gibbs as well as two young shooters: Buckaroo Swift Lefty, Homestake Drifters grandson and Young Gun Sun Dog, son of Hoss Shoer.  There was also a swap meet.  Hope everyone was able to check things out and get something they needed or wanted to add to their cowboy rolls.

The side match was a team shoot with the topic

The Great Muggins Team Reload Relay "Muggins, you reloading rascal"

Colorado Coolade/Doc Money








Homestake/Swift Lefty




Hoss Shoer/Sun Dog




Two Gun Montana/Shotgun Kegger








Muggins/Shotgun Gibbs





Here's what we've got for pictures.

Posse 1 Posse 2
Homestake's grandson Swift Lefty
Shotgun Kegger with Galloping Swede Shorty - it's temporary name, since there
are about a zillion of them, mostly also over 6-3

Sun Dog shooting the sidematch

Homestake with Swift Lefty

Shotgun Gibbs

No Doc Holliday and his lovely wife Diane and a fancy gun cart
She'd better think up a name before we do it for her!

Intro to Cowboy Action Shooting class, May 6. Conducted by Backstrap Bill, assisted by several of the regular posse members. We hope to see all of these pilgrims in future matches! I hope I have all the names right. Results here but this was not a standard match -- the Stage 2 and Stage 3 scores represent people improving on their previous scores. A lot!

Here's the posse

Colorado Coolade with Curly Vern

Darn-Shootinest Bobcat with Backstrap Bill

Bobcat's Sister Nugget with Bill

Dusty Trails

Sharpie, an experienced modern pistol action competitor, learns a new way

This is Shorty, unless I got the names wrong. In which case, it isn't.

Shotgun Gibbs with Bugler as gun caddy
All shooters staged on the table

Here's Smart Cookie on rifle with Coolade.


Zombie Match Oct 22. Results here

Zombie Memorial, loosely based on the Donner Party

Headed West  �On our way to Californey�, Terrible Danger, Trouble Begins �Who ate Luke� (holding a bone), Hunger Begins �This ain't chicken� (holding a rubber pig), and 50 � 50 �Soft on the outside,, crunchy on the inside� (a few fingers bent as if gone) were the stage subjects.

The Donks with Stetson whirly hats

Hannas Barth with Colorado Coolade

Joe Cross takes Ms Donk through a string

We had sixteen shooters and Delilah Brown, Della Bored, stopped by see what our match stages looked like.  She was able to stay for a couple stages, took pictures of the new zombie props and Buck Bored�s tombstone.

Tough-Eye Joe with Coolade - who seemed to do a lot of timing this match!

Donk enjoys the catered lunch, courtesy of Luke.

Lily Blossom

The Loading Table

Pack Ratt and some black powder

The Musical Entertainment

The very first stage caused a procedural for stage writer Lacivious Latigo as he forgot to start with his shotgun.  Just one of the pitfalls of being a stage writer. 

I, Angel, got a procedural when I forgot to put my shotgun shells on the table in the third stage where you only had four shells to take down four targets.  The targets were set so that you could possibly take down two or more with one shot.  If you did this, any remaining shells on the table were a 5 second bonus.  Needless to say, I took two off my body, loaded the shotgun and took down two targets with each shot.  End result 10 seconds added for not putting shells on the table and no bonus points for the two shells not used as they were still in my slide.  I did manage to shoot a clean match other than the procedural though.

Thanks to all who came out for this match.  There was a lot of fun had by all.  Thank you Lascivious Latigo for some great stages.



August Monthly Shoot Main Match Results  Texas Star Sidematch Results

We're a little thin on pictures for this match. Santa Fe Red brought a beautiful hand-made loading block that would also make a fair-to-middling club at need. He put it up for a door prize and Kid Kansas got it!

Here's the posse!

Muggins shooting with Colorado Koolade riding herd and Two Gun Montana kibitzing.

Birthday Boy Big Sky Ranger takes a turn (he's young enough we can tell you -- 24)


Big Sky State Games July Match:

We had a great shoot under the auspices of the Big Sky State Games. BSG Awards by Category Here  Regular Match Result Format Here

Posse A Posse B
Owl-Eye Olga and Homestake Our oldest shooter, Uncle Grumpy, with Homestake
Uncle Grumpy is a WWII Veteran!
Two-Eyed Ted helps Lilly Blossom at the loading table Charlie Waite at the line, Owl-Eye Olga spotting, Galloping Swede Timing
Canyon Jack with Latigo Angel loads with Two-Eye Ted
Mean Streak with Homestake Bugler and Hoss Shoer kibitz
Hoss Shoer - Men's Gold Overall Winner Mudhen Millie - Women's Gold Overall Winner
Duelist: Gold Homestake Silver Bugler Bronze Clark's Fork Hawk Cowboy: Colorado Coolade Gold Donk Silver Big Sky Ranger Bronze (he was at work)
Cowgirl: Kate Gold (also had to scoot)
Senior: Chama Bill Gold Joe Cross Silver Two-Eye Ted Bronze Elder Statesmen: Muggins Taylor Gold Grizzly Bill Silver Two-Gun Montana Bronze
Frontier Cartridge Yakima Red Gold Charlie Waite Silver Lady Sodbuster: Mean Streak Gold
49er: Lascivious Latigo Gold Yellowstone Nerd Silver Lady 49er: Owl-Eye Olga Gold
Lady Frontier Cartridge: Lilly Blossom Gold Lady Senior: Angel Gold
Sodbuster: Canyon Jack Gold An official from the State Games stopped to watch and stayed to shoot!

June Match - Jun 25 Results  Jun 26 Results  Falling Plates Result  Special thanks to Angel for scores while also taking care of Muggins!

Tech error by webmaster caused fuzzy posse picture. We'll call it artistic.

Hannas Barth at his first shoot - Homestake timing Wyatt and his dad Capt Ness shot with us; Galloping Swede timing
Swede and Tough Eye Jones Miss Pepper starts a run
Mrs Donk models our new club badges. New shooters get a badge with their first $10 fee.
Old Hands have to buy ours - same price.

Memorial Day Weekend Match  Results Here

The Posse


Left: Trooper Tyree shoots the clay bulls-eye for Swede. Right: Homestake takes Mrs. Donk through a string


Left: Sergeant Major at his first shoot with Kid Colorado Kool Ade. Right: Bugler and Tyree admires Donk's outhouse/gun cart.


Intro Class April 30: Posse

The Palindrome Match Results

We had a great first match hosted by the Montana Territory Peacemakers. 20 individuals were on hand to blow out the dust from their firearms and to see how well they could shoot after almost six months in hibernation. The day started out cool but the sun did make a small appearance towards the end of the match.

Yellowstone Nerd wrote five stages with some straightforward shooting titled: Name not one man; Sit on a potato pan, Otis; Borrow or rob; Draw O coward; and Go deliver a dare, vile dog. Stage 1 and 2 as well as 3 and 4 were shot as mirror stages. Stage 1 was shot as a continuous sweep of three targets each on the rifle and pistol starting on the left with stage 2 shot starting on the right, no double tapping. Stage 3 was shot with a sweep of five targets from the left, sweep from the right double tapping the 5th target in both the rifle and pistol sequence. Stage 5 was a shot as a continuous sweep of four targets each on the rifle and pistol starting on the left.

Kudos to Angel and Chama Bill for shooting a clean match. Of course, if it hadn't been for Joe Cross and Chama Bill helping Angel with her '97 shotgun she would have had been charged with two misses and wouldn't have had the clean match. THANK YOU!

Posse for the Palindrome Match

Donk showed off his new gun cart - an outhouse with a message!

Homestake takes Trooper Tyree through a stage



  Custer County Stranglers:   We shoot on the third Saturday of the month, we're going to start at 10am with our mandatory safety meeting, We shoot at the range on Sunday creek, directions to the range can be found on the Custer Rod and Gun club web site. Thank you for helping us get the word out, I hope to see you at one of our shoots.

The Montana Territory Peacemakers, a Cowboy Action Shooting club based in Billings MT, had a Zombie Match today with two stages written by Buck Bored "Ed Brown" and two stages written by Latigo.

These stages were shot today especially to honor Buck Bored, a Zombie fan.

I hope everyone enjoys the photos as Buck Bored did an awesome job. 15 shooters came today to rid the world of Zombies and the score is: Cowboy Shooters 15 - Zombies 0. RESULTS


Posse Of - well, a couple of them ARE zombies!

There is no truth to the rumor that Angel was wearing makeup on other shoots and this is her real face.
At least we don't think there's any truth to the rumor...

That's a dead'un, we hope


Sept 26-27 Saturday Results  Plate Shoot  Sunday Results

Two-Gun Montana

We were glad to have Galloping Swede amongst us

Loading up for the shooter-to-shooter plate side match



Aug 22 Shoot Main Results  4-Gun Results  Texas Star Results

It was a nice autumn day. We were mostly dressed for summer. Tech Glitch - no posse picture. Sorry!


(L) Firebox Phil and son Wally. Watch out, Firebox - Ranger outshoots his dad now (R) Willow, setup crew, at her first shoot


(L) Lineup at the loading table  (R) Trooper Munson

Donk tackles the 4-Gun Side Match as Gunfighter

Peacemakers At Chief Plenty Coups State Park

Lone Wolf Montana, Bugler, Gallping Swede, Buck Bored

July Match Results Texas Star Results

July Shooters

Left: Two Gun Cleans the Star  Right: Irish Kate sands our shotgun targets


Left: Muggins and Granddaughter Montana Miss  Right: Big Sky Ranger with Latigo

The 2015 "Almost" a Yellowstone Valley Buffalo Stampede Held 27-28 June

Bugler at the line with Hoss Shoer timing

Match Director Galloping Swede declared the, as he called it, "almost" a Yellowstone Valley Buffalo Stampede (YVBS), two day June 2015 match a success at the prize drawing and quasi awards ceremony. Results HERE

Chama Bill of Powell, Wyoming, was recognized as the match winner and holds the June match bragging rights until next year edging out Missouri River Kid and Hoss Shoer.  Hoss Shoer proved once again that he can miss faster than everyone else.  Owl Eye Olga, Beulah, North Dakota, was the fastest woman shooter this year and also retains those bragging rights until June 2016.  Mudhen Millie, Powell, Wyoming, gave chase finishing second in the ladies categories - which is a little confusing considering how complimentary she was of and to the scorekeepers.  We hope they all will be back next year to defend their "bragging rights" at the 2016 YVBS or "almost" YVBS as the case may be.

Missouri River Lo was the only shooter to shoot a clean match - which she has now done at least two years in a row.  Chama Bill was nearly clean with only 1 miss.

Galloping Swede then turned the program over to Grizzly Bill to preside over the prize drawings.  Prizes were awarded several shooter and included prizes (in some cases multiple prizes) from Cabelas, Big Sky Cast Bullets,  Scheels All Sports, Walmart, Law Dog Hats, Al's Bootery, Linebaugh Custom Sixguns, and Montana Territory Peacemakers.   

Attendees traveled from Arizona, California, Wyoming, and North Dakota for the match and we enjoyed the participation of our out of state visitors although we generally consider our Wyoming shooters part of the "club".  (At least that way we can report that one of the Montana Territory Peacemakers shooters was a match winner).Tehachapi Hornn

Saturday found 31 shooters braving the near 100 degree warmth to shoot 5 stages.  Twelve hearty shooters shot an additional two "side" stages in the afternoon with Missouri River Kid turning in the fastest time with Doc Money close behind.  These stages also featured the always entertaining Hoss Shoer shooting gunfighter style and on Sunday he's reported to have acknowledged a new appreciation for shooters of the Duelist persuasion.

The Saturday evening steak dinner was enjoyed by many shooters and their families and most everyone departed well fed and entertained.   Buck Bored, a self-proclaimed "pompous know-it-all," was the winner of the cowboy trivia contest answering 18 of the 21 questions correctly (or perhaps 19 according to the pompous know-it-all himself as he blithefully disregarded rule number 1 for the contest - "the judge's answers are the ONLY correct answers unless convinced otherwise."  The judge was not convinced!!!)   In addition to his prize, he was awarded the title "smarter than a backstrap" which he may retain until the next rendition of cowboy trivia affords him the opportunity to defend his title - perhaps against renowned trivia expert of all things cowboy - Backstrap Bill.

Wally and Homestake

Sunday featured 26 shooters with some planned non-returning shooters and the loss of some shooters due to Saturday's heat and Sunday's temperature forecast.  Walley  (4-H)  and Ruffneck Ruby didn't shoot Saturday, but joined the posse on Sunday.

Many thanks to all that made the match such a great success - Galloping Swede - Match Director/Posse Marshall, Grizzly Bill - stage writer (and many other tasks), Miz Griz - lunch coordinator/registration, Journey West - photos/registration, Latigo and Sue - dinner coordination/waddie coordination/setup/ Posse Marshall, Fair Weather Annie - registration/scorekeeping, Disastrous Olive - scorekeeping/ registration, Bugler - prize solicitation, Buck Bored - humor coordinator , a host of volunteers that set up and tore down, and a bunch of folks not observed or overlooked that no doubt did a ton of work behind the scenes.


The Montana Territory Peacemakers is a Cowboy Action Shooting� club. We shoot pistols, rifles and shotguns of styles used during the period of the Wild West, roughly 1865-1900. We also wear costumes of the period. We use steel targets and we work to make our shooting safe and fun.

We shoot on the fourth Saturday of each month from April through September and we have some occasional shoots during the winter. Shooting is always a weather-dependent event up here, so keep an eye on the site to see if we're going to have to reschedule a monthly meet.

We also host the Yellowstone Valley Buffalo Stampede, our club annual match, during the fourth week of June each year.

The Rod and Gun Club welcomes visitors to our events, so the gate will be raised when we're shooting and we hope you'll come by for a look -- and maybe to try a stage with us. If you stop for a look and want a little more, we can almost always equip you for a stage to get a feel for our sport. You'll need eye and ear protection on the range, of course, and we'll provide it if you need some. Disposable ear plugs are free but we do ask you to pay $3 for the eye protection. Kind of like 3-D at the movie theater, except we're already in 3-D and you can bring the glasses back next time.

Our email is mtpeacmakers at gmail dot com.